One Day!

It’s been 31 years
Since i came out screaming
Eyes filled with tears
To parents absolutely beaming
I had no idea why i had ears
Trying to find some meaning
To my life wondering
Do i deserve all the cheers

Years went by and i lost it
Praying to survive turmoil
Didn’t know that life is a snake
We just bounce while it coils

Then more years passed by
And i was the disappointment
All my parents could do was sigh
I wasn’t bad,
i just lost my self in the moment

Woke up 8 years ago to my reflection
In the mirror,
and right there and then
ended my addiction

Dropped out to take charge
Yes it was stupid
but i was in-charge!
I needed to break through
that failure barge
To sink into experience and build myself up with a surge

I did it with a hard work and conviction
and some worse stuff
i never wanna mention
In 2 years turned it around
From being a junky to a distinction

Yes a distinction
Between a loser
and the guy who owns your pension
I thought i made it!!
I thought i avoided the path of destruction
But remember life is a snake!
No matter how much you give
It will always take!

So down the path
With everything i did,
found my self in a cage
Just when i thought
I wrote my last word in my page
Everything flipped
Felt the snake’s fangs
On my skin when it dipped

Everyone around me are unhappy
They all feel miserable
And who is the common factor?
It was me!!
So do i pick my self up
balancing these boulders
and keep this ache on shoulders?


End it with a bullet
To my brain
Ending this suffering and pain?

Fuck it and fuck you
No snake will take me down
I’ll push through like i always do
Not for me but for her and them
31 years has passed
One day happiness will begin


Come Back!

Wake the fuck up!

Get up a take me out of this fucking dump
I’m talking to you FuDzi
My back is breaking with this hump!!
Sliding into a depressing slump!

I’m alone since i put you to sleep
Thinking i got a new life i can keep

Get up wake up cuz this is tearing me down
Thinking i’ll be a crown
On my love’s head
But ended up a clown!!

I’m begging you to come back!
Becuz if WuDzi does
I’m gonna slide of track!!

FuDz Pledge

I’m writing this
While im drunk
My mind feels
Like 3 suitcases
Jammed in a trunk

The only face
i see is yours
Making my heart
Explode with sours

Wish you were
Here by my side
Hand in hand
And let us glide
With you in my life
I’m feld with pride

Listen to what i’m saying
And hear it true
I would cross the 7 seas
Just for you
I know i’m scary sometimes
And sometimes i’m sweet
But when you cross my mind
My heart dances to a beat

I know! I know!
I can be suffocating
Make you feel weird
Like an abstract painting

I’m sorry for all the pressure
I put you through
But your one in a billion girl
I’m drunk on you

Listen to me..damn
i just did it again
But please don’t blame me
Its just my pen

One thing i promise
To try and improve
The way i treat you
And my love to prove

~ FuDzi WiDzi

Overcoming The Shadow

Writing with a pen & a pad
Or just scribbling on an iPad
The flow comes hot & furious
Can’t stop the wave when i’m sad

I rushed into this
But have no regrets
Can’t stop my self
When everything fits
Like pieces of a puzzle
Caught in its midst
Like looking up on a nuzzle
Of a gun about to burst
I would welcome it gladly
If in your life a come first

But through all the sadness
I’ll try to remain calm
Even if felt alone in the blackness
I still hope to hold your palm

~ FuDzi WuDzi

100 Bars

I vowed to write a hundred bars

to let the screams of my scars

reach between my lungs and stars.

Explaining how far i fell

And rose again by my well

Putting dogma aside

Breaking down this holly cell

In fast paces i stride

Some times i stumble

But bounce back and glide

It all began in eighty two

With a cry i decended

From the womb i only knew

Tears of joy covering the fact:
I wasn’t a son they intended

Yet with love and passion i was showered

And all the shrieks were devoured

To grow up in a town

West of west it was found

Where i can dream of happiness

in a crib with no sound

Years pass by like a thunderbolt

I find my self in hell with a jolt

A land wear dreams were meant to die

Like birds falling from the sky

They call it a holly place

Where deamons never roam

It was hell with a sandy face

And demons under marble domes

They pledge to the word of god

With corruption rising like foams

Began as a child with whispers of angels

But all went down in tangles

Asked about the purity of my blood

As if it was my choice if i could

I was told we came from the north

A blood so ancient it was holly

I had one problem

A real brain to say it was folly

In our blood we are equal

Like “Godfather” to its sequel

I said fuck it with all my rage

FuDzi was born to break this cage

With WuDzi by his side

Madness no god would abide

Run and rampage they said

Squeeze them hard till their beliefs bled

I took an older vow to be good

Seek wicked ways if i should

I swear never to be grounded

Or bow to the rules society founded

Everything i say or do is my choice

You won’t think twice

To challenge my voice

Never care what god wrote for me

I make my own destiny for all to see

My candle sometimes flicker in their wind

But they can’t dispute my own ideology in the end

Tick tick tock!

Thats not the sound of a clock!

Its the sound of my bomb ignited by your spark!

To blow among your wretched rubbles

And end your holy grasp like soap bubbles

Hang on to your brain and all your thought

There are more facts to what you’ve been taught

Don’t let an ignorant put you on the spot

Either agree with him or get shot

With the word of god they have bought

The worldly riches they deny they sought

They preach to leave the blessing we’re offered now

Promissing us milk while keeping the cow

I would never be certin of an after life

But if there were

god will judge me justly for all my strife

I wasn’t born perfet but i’m a perfectionist

Not shy to admit that i’m an opportunist

Mixing my human values with holy words

Preaching my message like a violinist

Yes i am a sinner and i am obscene

But i’m self aware than anyone you ever seen

Am i arrogant? am i vain?

Yes its my own sick way to endure the pain

I stand with my middle finger shown up high

To an arrogant society who lives a lie

NO! Is the 1st word out of my mouth

I won’t shake my shoulders and breath a sigh

Secularism Is my path because religion can’t be trusted

In the hands of men where treachery infested

How can you dispute a holy man?

Rise up with logic and thought and then you can

Conspiracy and plots are all they think

Making you feel danger with every blink

Thats how they keep control

Over their sheep and devour your soul

The path to heaven is easy and simple

Just be good and forget the symbol

Who are they to dectate your acts

Turning your thoughts to condeming facts

Don’t take my words on who you should be

Just get out of the box and just be free

Design your dreams according to you

What you wanna be, what you wanna do!

Don’t stand there with a broken toe

And blaming all the pain on your shoe

I think i crossed a hundred but who fucking cares

Its a short sheet when a crazy man shares ;)

~ FuDzi WuDzi

Mental disorder!

Really focus on my words
You’ll know i’m mentally off
Cold like fucking metal swords
But with an inner rage
You don’t wanna go off
My volcano only erupts
When she cross my mind
Fucking hellish lava bursts
Nothing left to find!

~ FuDzi WuDzi

To Her

To her

At the point of self destruction
I don’t have a guided instruction
To save this from extinction
And make it a successful mission

I adore every word she says
Hitting me like a spell
losing my self in her haze
Engulfed by her eyes like
a maze

I can’t stand losing you
Even when you put me in the dark
I keep telling my self pathetically
every thing will be fine with a spark

I never wanted to turn it to a trust issue
I just want you to know i always miss you

Never bothered you about
What you do
Where to go
When to be
Down a river
Or up a tree
Yes of course
That last part was funny ;)

I’m not trying to claim a right
Especially when i’m out of sight
I switched “her” to “you”
Because i felt “may” turned to “might”

I don’t want to tangle you every minute
Or every hour even
or what you do within it

I just wanted you to keep me posted
Because of you my mind got toasted

Or maybe i wanted to feel i was missed
Like when i miss your lips that i never kissed

Even through this feeling
i never knew
How fast and hard
i fell for you!


Scattered Thoughts 7

"From The Darkness Of My Soul
To The Insanity In My Brain
Fill My Fire With Coal
Because I Don’t Intend To Escape The Pain”
~FuDzi WuDzi

My Poison & Passion </3

My Poison & Passion </3


Brazil :D